Greg Oden Bending Over His Lady Friend: You Do The Math!


The Greg Oden Penis Shake Weight® fallout continues this morning as the media digests what occured yesterday when Oden’s giant member made its Internet debut to a round of applause from white guys who now know it’s true about black 7-footers.

One white guy who couldn’t get enough of the Shake Weight is John Canzano of The Oregonian. The guy spent an entire day of his life/sports reporting career getting to the bottom of a black dong.

There’s even a radio interview where Oden has to talk about his phone “blowing up.”

Canzano really gets into Greg’s head to figure out why he would expose a dong to a cellphone camera. We spent our day trying to do the math on Greg and his lady friend.

Now we don’t know who sent the photos to the dong-exposing web site, but Canzano got this out of

On Tuesday “Q” explained to me that he felt he was doing a public service by posting the Oden photographs. As if there was redeeming social value in embarrassing Oden and providing some wreckage for sports fans to rubberneck.

Wrote Q in an email: “They were sent to us by one of his jumpoffs. We report the entertainment news like those market aisle mags. The Tiger Woods sex scandals got more and more jump offs, mistressses and girlfriends coming out. Crazy. Celebrities cheaters watch ya’ll back.”

Anyone get the feeling the dude running the site is black? Just wondering.

Ok, so the lady you are seeing GO with in these photos is Candyce Brown, a former Butler basketball player. The two seem to have had a relationship over the last year or so because they did the Hawaiian vacation thing together. She had one Facebook entry yesterday that we’ll go out on a limb and say is related to the Oden Shake Weight scandal.

Here’s hoping all the kids involved can get past this giant mistake. Soon this will all pass and will be forgotten until ESPN GameDay visits Columbus next year and there are 25+ signs referencing Oden’s schlong.

The lesson learned here: impress her with it in public.

[Canzano: After nude photos go public, Greg Oden faces up to embarrassment of another mistake]

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