Tebow Loses Virginity.


At least one Tebow has had a good week (see above).

We’re not sure whether to laugh or call animal control because Asia doesn’t exactly look like she’s enjoying the experience with the other dog named after the recent Florida grad.

In real life Tebow news….

The Senior Bowl isn’t exactly going well for God’s child.

The Boston Herald has a reporter on the scene and he describes one of Tebow’s outings as pretty much a disaster.

Yesterday, it looked like the latter. Tebow was off on his timing and accuracy, struggling with footwork and short-hopping several receivers during practice. The player who scarcely took a snap from center in college fumbled three of them, with hundreds of scouts, evaluators, executives and coaches watching.

God planned it. He wanted Him to have struggles to make Him a stronger man.

Tebow apologist Dan Shanoff says draftniks would be crazy not to draft the guy, even after showing he’s not an NFL QB.

Scouts had already battered Tebow’s mechanics over the past few weeks to the point where his ability to merely walk without stumbling is a moral victory. Low expectations always help; nowhere to go but up.

Can we get back to that Tebow dog pounding one out? Who names their pitbull Tebow. That has to be the biggest pussy name in the fighting ring, eh, tools?

[Critics bite at Tim Tebow]

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