Saints Fan Pukes After Learning Brees & Co. Are Going To Super Bowl – Or Something Like That

In late December we brought you Cowbos fan really enjoying those $8 nachos at the new Jerry Jones palace.

We thought that guy was really drunk. Um, Saints fan has trumped him and raised the ante to puking all over himself in a bar while trying to watch the NFC Championship.

Dude, like, turn around so the camera can get a good shot of your jubilant face as you rid your liver of $100 in booze.

Posted: Jan. 25, 2010

Premise of Video: Saints fans are at a bar and seem to have been hitting it hard for hours in anticipation of the biggest game in franchise history. This guy, being a big puss, decides he’ll just vomit in the middle of the bar instead of crawling to the toilets. Of course some smartass had a camera rolling and provides us with this excellent video.

Climax of Video: Probably when Pukey Pukerson lets loose all over his cowboy boots.

Conclusion: Two weeks of these videos. This makes us giddy.