The Who Dat Guy With Two Tooths & Saints Tat


We love Saints fan for a variety of reasons but most of all they aren’t Colts fan.

Whether it’s shooting their LCD TVs with a variety of guns or getting completely wasted, Saints fan never fails to impress this outfit and for the next two weeks we hope to bring you into their world.

Of course the mainstream media will cover your ass with on the Katrina/Saints angle while Busted Coverage will concentrate on the toothless, the homeless, the drunk, the implanted chicks and all other degenerates that don’t fall into one of those categories.

But we need your help. If you see an image, video, news article, etc. that has anything to do with Saints fan, pass it along.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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