The Afternoon Dump: Soccer Player Gets Shot, Digger Phelps Dances, Conan’s Final Goodbye, Lunch Notes From A Roommate, Miranda Kerr’s Legs, Some Girls Like Hot Dogs, Hot Kim Cloutier, Natalia Belova Is A Hot Model, & Sleep Over Babes


Brazil is a paradise, seriously.

Who is excited for the Super Bowl? I know I am. You have Manning and the Colts vs. Brees and the Saints. Colts are by far my favorite team but the Saints have Brees and he did go to Purdue.

I picked the Colts by 13 last week and they won by 13 so I was exactly right on my spread.

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Afternoon Dump

Paraguayan soccer star, Salvador Cabañas, gets shot in the head [Anyguey]
Digger Phelps dances with Clemson cheerleaders [Guyism]
Skydiver will try to jump from edge of space [Asylum]
Hedo Turkoglu makes team better, not Vince Carter [unathletic]
Jets fans do not disappoint in Indy [The Sporting Blog]
Conan’s final goodbye and a look back [Chuggin Monkeys]
Lunch notes from your permanent roommate [Chris Illuminati]
The stages of douchebaggery with a tilted hat [Regretful Morning]
Miranda Kerr has the legs of a gazelle [The Beer Goggler]
Still not a good reason for breast reduction [Reel Pretty]
Some girls just like hot dogs [The Chive]
I like the sight of Kim Cloutier [Tasty Booze]
Arianny Celeste is big on trust and loyalty [Holy Taco]
Natalia Belova is a hot model [Celebslam]
Sexy sleep over babes [Babes N Brawls]

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