The Afternoon Dump: KG Trash Talks, Lane Kiffin Waste Treatment Plant, Aww Yeah Girl, Worst Jedi Ever, Entourage Went Down Hill, Funny Facebook Status, Adorable Anabelle, 141 Best Guess? Ads, & Paris Hilton Likes To Drink


Jenny Frost is just getting ready for her date with me.

Well Purdue won their first game after a 3 game losing streak. They looked good last night, the UofI was only in it because of lucky 3’s at the end.

Seems like the Colts may be the underdog this weekend? Seems kind of weird to me. Don’t jump on the Jets bandwagon.

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Afternoon Dump

Kevin Garnett is the NBA’s biggest trash talker [SI]
Wow, Kids vs elephant soccer match [Youtube]
Vols fans want to name a waste plant after Lane Kiffin [The Sporting Blog]
Anna Kournikova’s mom charged with child neglect [Sportress of Blogitude]
Say goodbye to the little stores who sell NFL jerseys [unathletic]
Have your girlfriend read this [Asylum]
Aww yeah girl [Next Round]
The worst Jedi ever? [Chuggin Monkeys]
Five ways Entourage went wrong [EgoTv]
Don’t make this your status if your daughter has Facebook [DeadDog]
Anabelle is an adorable girl next door [Regretful Morning]
The 141 best ‘Guess?’ print ads ever produced [Guyism]
Jaime Bergman is one gorgeous playmate [MoonDog Sports]
The almost famous Jessica Burciaga [Babes N Brawls]
Never would have guessed Paris Hilton drinks [Celebslam]

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