Nightcapper: Emailer Claims This Is Shaq & Dominica Westling Having Cybersex

Earlier this evening we received an email at Busted Coverage headquarters asking us if we were interested in a photo of Shaq and his alleged mistress Dominica Westling (you saw her on Busted Coverage last week).

What, is this guy nuts?

Of course we want to see a future NBA Hall of Famer having alleged cybersex with his road beef. This is what makes the Internet important to a man’s life. And we’d love to beat TMZ to a scoop just one time. ONCE, DAMMIT!

The edited goods after the jump….


The emailer was really after some money for the unedited version of this boob shot greeting an alleged Shaq with his mouth open.

Since it’s a down economy we told him to visit with TMZ or Radar. This outfit can barely afford an intern.

Questions you are about to ask Busted Coverage:

Why are there white dots over the alleged Shaq’s eyes? Because the emailer edited the pic.

When will you show us the bare nipple? Not right now. Use you imagination.

We’ve analyzed this shot for at least 30 minutes and don’t have any specific evidence that the boob belongs to Westling.

The emailer tells us to look very closely at the second image:

look in the reflection of the screen. you can see the shirt she has on in the other pic.

Ahh, there she is.

Look, this one is all you guys. We’ve made up our mind that this is Shaq with his mouth open and perfectly framed with a huge breast. That doesn’t mean we want lawyers sending threatening letters so leave us alone.

If you have more pics of Shaq and his (alleged) cybersex buddy, hit us up.


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