More Jack Murphy Cop Bad-Ass-Ness: Closeline To Streaking Chargers Fan

Posted: Jan. 3, 2010

Premise of Video: We figured this one, barely seen by humanity (500 views), fits in nicely with our San Diego cops drop the hammer on NFL fan. This time we get Chargers guy running like he’s just stolen jewelry from the local pawn shop during the Jan. 3 game against the ‘Skins. He crosses in front of the world famous Chargers cheerleaders and sorta ducks as S.D. cop comes in with a closeline.

Climax of Video: Cop actually going closeline on a streaker. That is just awesome.

Conclusion: Diego cops should not be f@cked with. Today was your warning, NFL fan.

(Yes, we know the stadium has changed names. Busted Coverage prefers to call it by Jack Murphy. Take your new school correctness and find another site to visit.)

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