Cuff 'Em: 3 Black Football Players With White Names Arrested On Duke Campus

Oh, we’ll take heat for that headline, but it’s sarcasm, folks. SARCASM!
This might be the first time the lily white football crowd at Duke has had to deal with gun charges facing three football players. A quick look at Cuff ‘Em archives doesn’t reveal much action in Durham when it comes to footballers acting like they play at Tennessee.

Three Duke University football players have been charged with felony possession and discharge of a weapon after early-morning gunshots were fired Sunday near a residence hall on the school’s East Campus, Duke officials said.
The three players — John Drew, Kyle Griswould and Brandon Putnam — were dismissed from the team following their arrest by campus police. All three freshmen were removed from campus and won’t be allowed to return to school until the resolution of the charges. No one was injured in the 3 a.m. incident.

Duke football is turning into the ‘U’ right in front of our eyes. The only thing missing is a team that can get to a bowl game.
(Ever seen whiter names for three black guys?)
[Three Duke football players arrested on gun charges]

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