Mike Leach Rally At Texas Tech Brings Rednecks/Pirates/Old Women/ Little Kids Together


Once Craig James wins a political seat your little ass will be held to higher English standards.

There are front loaders carrying bodies out of shanty towns in Haiti. Meanwhile, the folks of Lubbock, Texas are still pissed at Mike Leach being fired and are actually rallying against the decision. At the same time as some poor little black kid is wondering whether he’s going to have mud or tree bark for dinner.

(Wood-fired birch bark actually sounds good for lunch.)

Priorities, people!

The rednecks/pirates/old ladies and more after the jump.

The Associated Press has released video of people wasting their Thursday by meeting on the Texas Tech campus to speak glowingly about a guy who isn’t coming back and most of America has forgotten about now that little Wyclef has a brain fracture and is looking for a white family to adopt him.

LubbockOnline.com, also known to locals as the Avalanche-Journal, sent a report to the scene with very strict orders to work in as many pirate references as possible because locals need to know that Leach loves pirates.

Even a three-legged dog wore a Team Leach jersey. No thumbs, so his protest sign was the tongue sticking out of his mouth.

An irate pirate – eyepatch, beard, white face paint, Johnny Depp-like dreadlocks … all the “ARRG!” necessities – white-knuckled a bullhorn.

Elsewhere, more pirate accessories. More flags. More oddities.

It was Abbie Hoffman meets Tim Burton.

“Fire them,” scowled the irate pirate, Ben Williams, a Lubbockite and former Tech student.

He was referring to Tech’s Athletic Director Gerald Myers, President Guy Bailey and Chancellor Kent Hance – the triumvirate now in the crosshairs of Team Leach.

We used to be in Tech fan’s corner. Not any longer. You people are idiots. Enough with the stupid pirate shit and the scowls and rallies. Go get a job, lose the face paint and act like it’s January and the world isn’t exactly a nice place.

Busted Coverage doesn’t want to see another retard from Tech wearing an eye patch ever again. Enough!

Leach doesn’t give two shits about you idiots. He used the fanbase as a bargaining chip against a school that hated him and wanted him fired. Is Adam James a giant pussy? Probably. Is Craig James a pompous asshole? Of course.

Now, all of you need to calm down, find a fat chick or dude to curl up with and watch the Cowboys lose to the Vikings.


[Team Leach rallies on Tech campus – Lubbock’s Newspaper]

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