Jeremy Shockey Offseason Shenanigans: Tight End Approves Of This Chick's Body Painting

Update: We’re rerunning this legendary Jeremy Shockey post because it’s pretty much all we have for Saints fan in our vast library of boobs and NFLers. Enjoy the game.

Jeremy Shockey has rebounded from a bout with dehydration and is fine.
Whew, it’s been quite an offseason for the New Orleans Saints tight end. He had to be taken out of Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas – by stretcher – this weekend.
And then there was this party about a month ago where he had some body paint model on his arm.

Yes, there were two chicks but only one wearing Shockey’s number right across her back.
Notice how the tatted tight end gives the finger point just like you’d see in many douchebag photos floating around the web.
The strange part about all of this is that this seems like someone’s apartment. It’s not even the Playboy Mansion.
Just one day. That’s our dream. Give us 24 hours for shit like this to happen in our lives.
We walk into a party and there is some chick with “Busted” across her chest and “Coverage” on the back.

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