Cuff ‘Em: Track Coach Kristyn Breeds Joins List Of Ugly Chicks Banging H.S. Students


Here we go again. Yet another ugly female teacher/coach who wants to get boned by a high school boy.

Step up to the plate Kristyn Breeds, a track coach and special ed teacher at Northeast High School in Maryland. Ms. Breeds, has confessed to “having sex with a 17-year-old student on multiple occasions.”

The charging documents said she told police that she and the 17-year-old had sex at the park-and-ride lot on Leelyn Drive in Severna Park, at her Severna Park home and at Queenstown Park.

The kid was on her track team.

Look, we’ve examined the photo of Ms. Breeds for about 10 minutes. We wouldn’t bang it with Kevin The Intern’s dong. BC believes it speaks for all men in saying that this isn’t what you dreamt of tagging when you were in high school and the 24-year-old straight out of college walks in as your new History teacher.

Shame on you, Ms. Breeds. You’ve ruined at least one boy’s fantasy.

[Arundel teacher admits sex with student – Baltimore Sun]

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