Ottawa Senators Chick Wants Her Boobs On Jumbotron

One of our Canadian readers sent us a video and asked if we’d seen the lady at a late December 2009 Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadians flash the players at the end of the second period.

How could we? To find hockey on the tube in the U.S. one must have 500 channels and hope Vs. is one of them. Oh, and then you must hope that they’ll show a game featuring two Canadian teams.

So what we have here is yet another woman who wants her boobs on the Jumbotron. The difference between Senators woman and the infamous Florida Panthers chick after the jump.

First up we have Ottawa chick and her insistence that someone look at her rack, preferably a hockey player who’d be willing to nibble on her ear and speak Russian.

Sit your drunk ass down and wait for a timeout! Like the camera is going to pan to you as the puck is live. Do we have to write a guide for you ladies?

Our advice to Ottawa chick is to take a look at how Panthers chick gets the job done. You wait until a TV timeout and whip out those boobs.