Jaimee Grubbs Talks Tiger Woods, Sex, Etc. With Boomer Esiason & Goofy WFAN Sidekick

The mistress that sank Tiger Woods quest to bang every skank from Philly/NYC to Vegas/San Diego and a couple of Australian hookers continues to hit the media circuit to promote her body and, of course talk about banging the most famous golfer in the history of the Internet generation.
Jaimee Grubbs latest chatfest was Wednesday with the funny guys at WFAN who go by the tandem name of Boomer & Carton. (Audio of the douchebaggery if that your thing.)
WAIT! Not that Boomer, right? Yep, Boomer Esiason was in on asking “So, when did you start having Tiger’s wang in your mouth?”
Well, not exactly in those terms, but yeah, the guys wanted to know some sex details. Something tells us Marv Albert was yanking it to Boomer’s voice asking these questions.

Boomer wants to know what Tiger said to her in the Vegas club where they met.

“He told me that I didn’t look like I was having fun because I was just kind of sitting there. I had just flown in and was a little bit jet-lagged.”

More of the interview as transcribed by the guys at Sports Radio Interview:
On how soon after meeting Tiger he contacted her and actually start hooking up with him:
“Well I mean we had… I spent three days in that hotel room without any physical connection except a kiss goodbye. He said let’s go to dinner when I come to San Diego and he literally flew to San Diego the next day and he called me and said, let’s go to dinner.”
On how long it took him to finally score with you:
“It took a few romantic-wooing dates.”
Boomer doesn’t exactly get into the crazy sex questions but he freely joins in with a couple softball questions that Carton then cuts in on to get back to the sex subject.
Boom’s final words, “She seems like a nice gal.”
And then he went back to breaking down Colts-Ravens video and staring at Peyton’s ass.
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