Daily Dump: Danica Patrick Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial, Shawn Kemp Really…Really Drunk, Ed Reed Killed Reggie Wayne’s Python, The Bikini Scene From ‘Chuck’ And Lauren Pope’s DJ Bicep Bra

Stacy Keibler. Red carpet. Legs. Some event.

We went to RadarOnline this morning and realized there wasn’t a single story about Tiger or Shaq. This has to be a first since before Thanksgiving.

In football picks, here is our theory: defense wins championships….

…but will Manning give the Ravens as many gifts as Brady? No. Give us the Colts -6.

As for the Cardinals-Saints, we’re talking about one team with tons of experience against a team with all the pressure. Give us the team with experience and a QB who is on fire. Plus, we want to see Brenda Warner at least one more week. Favre-Warner for the Super Bowl anyone? Cardinals +7.

Sunday’s picks tomorrow morning.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Danica Patrick’s 2010 Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial [You Been Blinded]

Maria Sharapova back on the scene and for some reason  is wearing sunglasses  [Sharapova’s Thigh]

& more Sharapova at Tiffany & Co. showing some cleav [Big League Screw]

Shawn Kemp’s drunk ass still knows how to get drunk and impress the youth [Barstool Sports]

OOOOhhhhhhhh! Jared Allen said the Vikings will “kick butt” – bulletin board material! [ProFootballTalk]

Here is your Indy-Baltimore storyline – Ed Reed killed Reggie Wayne’s python at the ‘U’ [Shutdown Corner]

Jessica Simpson’s cleavage & Colts/Ravens lines – just what men want on a Friday [VegasGab]

Was Capers really sleeping during 45 point outburst by Cardinals? [BareKnucks]

About the only time the T-Wolves will get onto BC – cheerleader photos  [Maxim]

An interview with the guy who went back-to-back at World Beer Pong Championships [BroBible]

All is right in this world….Pepsi Throwback really does exist and can be purchased NOW! [DeadDog]

Here are your ‘Jersey Shore’ morons who were trash talking Ronnie [TMZ]

Today’s Tail:

Real girls. Real pajama parties. [Coed]

The Yvonne Strahovski bikini/pool/Fast Times At Ridgemont scene from ‘Chuck’ that is a must see [Popoholic]

Brazilian. These boobs. This body. We’re in love. [CelebSlam]

Tata Thursday for all the fans out there [Funtasticus]

Lauren Pope’s DJ bicep bra is pretty damn hot [HollywoodTuna]

Gloria calls herself “Miss Peru” but doesn’t know how to sew alpaca clothing – c’mon! [Uncoached]

Want to play a prank on your buddy? Tell him you are hooking him up with this hot chick [Don Chavez]

A pair of buns Kevin The Intern won’t be touching this weekend [DoubleViking]

To be honest, if Lili said she needed a new boyfriend we’d step up [Guyism]

…and finally, a flowchart to how you’ll eventually die [Holy Taco]