The Afternoon Dump: Bathroom Notes, High School Basketball, No Free Cars For Tiger, Best Book Shelf Ever Created, Teacher Doesn’t Like B-Day Gift, Dang Penelope Cruz, Chicks With Curves, & Jessica Simpson’s Boobs


J Koot won’t ever get to wrestle girls like ‘Kelly Kelly.

So I picked Pepsi as my favorite in a blind tasting test the other day. We got the results back and I was right. Just shows I know what Pepsi taste like while others do not.

Have to buy my books today. Thats another 300 down. Woooooooooo.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Adventures in public bathroom notes [Yep Yep]
Mark Sanchez gets payback on Pete Carroll [YouTube]
A sweet high school highlight [unathletic]
Charles Barkley knows everything about Mark McGwire, right? ha [Sportress of Blogitude]
Tiger Woods wont be getting free cars now [MoonDog Sports]
Chicks may like steroids but the public doesn’t [NQTC]
Twilight: Modern Warfare 2 [Chuggin Monkeys]
The best book case ever created [Tasty Booze]
Who has the worst films? Vin Diesel or “The Rock”? [Muff Slap]
Teacher doesn’t like her Birthday present [Regretful Morning]
Awesome Bruce Lee imitations [Ego TV]
Penelope Cruz vs. The Beach [Beat By The Nudge]
Sindi Bretherton is smoking hot [Big Smudge]
Chicks with curves is just awesome [Reel Pretty]
Jessica Simpson’s boobs are back! [Hollywood Tuna]

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