The Afternoon Dump: Massive Russian Hockey Fight, McGwire Took Steroids In The 80’s, 104 Yr-Old Dies, Girls Face Falls Off, Troll Toll, Hot Mila Kunis, & Hottest American Idol Contestants


Natalia Siwiec looks good in naughty lingerie.

I don’t even want to talk about the game last night. It sucked.

This may be my favorite semester yet, classes wise. All my classes are pretty interactive instead of just boring a$$ classes.

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Afternoon Dump

Massive fight in Russian hockey league [Gunaxin]
Mark McGwire started taking steroids in the 80’s [NY Daily News]
Herschel Walker will be in an MMA fight [unathletic]
If Phil Jackson could pee on the Alamo, he would [Sportress of Blogitude]
104 year old strongman dies in car accident [Ego TV]
6 sex training devices disguised as infomericial products [Next Round]
Girls face falls off but she grew a new one so it’s okay [Guyism]
So why do girls grab other girls boobs? [Muff Slap]
You gotta pay the troll toll [Regretful Morning]
Is Mila Kunis the #1 woman in America? [MoonDog Sports]
Hottie Alert: Viva Mexico [Reel Pretty]
Christina Aguilera vs motorcycle [Beat By The Nudge]
Hottest American Idol contestants [Brand New Cool]

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