Nightcapper: Win Midgets Vs. Mascots DVD; Watch Scottie Pippen Cinematic Greatness In Action

It’s that time of year when Busted Coverage steps up for lonely male souls that waste at least 3-5 minutes of your day on this blog.
From now until Valentine’s Day we’ll be stepping up and providing some pretty cool gifts for those of you who could use something other than rejection and alimony payments in your life.
Tonight we are once again teaming up with The Toilet Paper, an online newsletter that is so good it’s worth taking your laptop to the shitter with you, and the fine folks at Midgets vs. Mascots, the shockumentary you’ve been hearing about because Scottie Pippen is part of the cast – and 5 midgets are battling 5 mascots for $1 million.
Oh, and the Hedgehog even has a part. This might be your last chance to ever see such a cast in one movie.

If you’re going to be alone this Valentine’s Day, why not sit back and laugh at other unfortunate people in this world.


1. Visit The Toilet Paper and enter your email address. It can be any of the 12 you have or all 12. Enter as many emails as you like, but if you win and don’t answer our email, don’t start bitching.
2. Wait on us to select one lucky emailer who’ll win the free Midgets vs. Mascots DVD.
Don’t forget to get signed up at The Toilet Paper, enjoy a great read every morning right in your inbox and learn a few things that will impress the shit out of the guys at the office.
[Mascots vs. Midgets YouTube Channel]
[Scottie Pippen & The Midgets]

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