5 Greatest Photos From Lane Kiffin Leaves For USC Mob Action

Pretty boy Lane is heading back to the sun and glamour of Los Angeles and Tennessee is looking for a football coach.
Just look at the parameters in play here:
• The new coach comes in talking trash about Florida, making fans believe he’s next coming of Johnny Majors.
• Coach is young, angry and passionate. The UT fans fall in line and believe!
• Coach brings his hot wife to town, giving the school some pride in the SEC.
• The recruiting classes, however he managed to get things done, were going to bring UT back. Soon.
• Lane Kiffin leaves for Hollywood.
SEC gets dropped like the girlfriend you had in high school who puts on 15 during her freshman year in college and isn’t ‘that’ hot any longer because there is this smoking hot chick from Santa Monica.
Our advice to UT fan: keep rioting! It’s going to keep Lane in town. We promise. BWAAAHHAAAAAA.
“5 Greatest Photos From Lane Kiffin Leaves For USC Mob Action” is our gift to you, normal college football fan.

Painting a rock to show anger is so clever.

Climbing a piece of art as if this is Nixon escalating the Vietnam War. Again, clever.

Hate? It’s not like the guy won the national title and then left to coach Mississippi State. Now that would be worth hating a guy.

Nothing says “We hate Lane Kiffin” like burning the mattress you were supposed to be sleeping on last night.

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