Jeff's Nutsack Doesn't Want To Finish The Routine

Posted: December, 13, 2009

Premise of Video: Jeff has been working on this routine for weeks. It’s the huge BWI meet and it’s time to step up and impress the college scouts who are there to see him compete in the bars – or whatever this is called. Luckily for Jeff, he has a supporter in the stands who is recording his routine to analyze back at home.

Climax of Video: Start watching at the 15-second mark. “C’mon man, c’mon.” Yeah, Jeff’s got your c’mon right here in his nutsack that was just plastered into the bar. (The rest of the video is worthless. It’s just Jeff doing his thing.)

Conclusion: “Finish up strong” just doesn’t sound right coming out of a guy’s mouth who didn’t just rack both nuts and still have to perform after being hit with 200-pounds of force.

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