Weekend Dump: ‘Bama BCS Trophy On Display At Wal-Mart, Rachel Glandorf At BCS, Pete Carroll To Coach Seahawks, 6-10 H.S. Basketball Chick And Kate Beckinsale Shopping At Staples

Saddle up in Dallas. Wade Phillips will not make it out of town alive if the Boys lose.

NFL picks. Fade them. Copy them. Whatever. Just don’t blame us when they turn out 0-4 this weekend.

In Cincy, we like the Jets. The Bungwads have crashed and can’t find footing to start winning games again. All of us know that a hot team heading into the playoffs usually beats the team struggling to survive.

Jets +2.5

Can Dallas do something they haven’t done in the Romo era? Yes, but if you can get the hook with your local bookie, jump on it. Divisional rivalry back-to-back after a blowout? We want a field goal plus.

Eagles +3.5



Today’s Dump:

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