DaHoneyHouse.com Streaker Planned BCS Championship Streak, Wants BCS Playoff System

Last night might have been a first for the black community.

We’re checking the record books and not finding another important sporting event that has ever been attacked by a black streaker. Until the 2010 BCS National Championship.

A gold masked man (who goes by Lork Diesel on the Internet) representing dahoneyhouse.com (some tiny black dating site for the black community) on the back of his gold shirt interrupted the game early in the third quarter and was quickly led away to jail, we presume.

Here is the freaky part about the whole episode: the guy planned this for a month and YouTubed his aspirations a month ago. And his reason for streaking? He wants the BCS to change to a playoff system!

(Posted Dec. 9, 2009)

He calls himself BCS Streaker Man and his quest is to get a BCS playoff system that can determine a real national champion.

We’re not shitting you on this. Read the guys words for yourself.

Hey yall, there are many reasons for the act, but the main reason why I did the streak @ bcs championship game is because the bcs system as it stands needs a slight improvement. Yes there was a protest theme involved. Everyone knows that the 2 teams that go to that bowl are “picked”, and they didn’t go through a playoff system in order to get there. Someone had to protest this idea on a mainstream level.  I think all the real college football fans out there would agree to an improvement in the picking of the 2 teams.  So, to please everyone, I’d suggest 2 main changes

You’ll have to go read those changes.

We knew BCS playoff proponents were nuts but this is off the charts. The guy streaks the BCS Championship to get his playoff proposal some PR.




[BCS Streaker YouTube Channel]