The Afternoon Dump: Best Mannequin Ever, Bama or Texas, 100 Points By Half Time, A-Rod Still Loves Madonna, Michael Cera Likes Jersey Shore, A Typical Blonde, A Hot 39 Yr-Old, & Hot Girls On Bikes



Don’t know how to say Arleth Teran but she is hot.

Tonight is the big night. ‘Bama vs. Texas. Who’s it going to be? Well let’s see if I can keep my bowl streak going. Tonight I am picking Texas. Call me crazy but I think they have it.

While I was driving back from Purdue last night I passed a car that was going under the speed limit. Once I was on the side of them they sped up so I did also to get around them. Then they were on my a$$ for five minutes going 10 over. They deserve to lose their license. Especially when they did it to another car that passed them.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The best mannequin ever created [Epic Carnival]
Who holds the advantage? ‘Bama or Texas? [Guyism]
How can a team score a 100 points at half, a highschool team? [Rivals]
Big Mac might be coming back to play… [ESPN]
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‘And this is why I want to explode your stupid stadium’ [The Sporting Blog]
A-Rod’s heart still belongs with Madonna [Celebslam]
The ultimate goal in life: summon wolves [Tasty Booze]
Apparently Michael Cera is a Jersey Shore fan, sad [Muff Slap]
We all have had a girl out of our league, right? [Brand New Cool]
Angelyne is a true blonde [The Chive]
Hot girls pumping, it can happen [MeandIsis]
She may be 39 but she still has it going [Big Smudge]
Hot girls on bikes? yes please [Babes N Brawls]
The guy from ‘Entourage’ has a hot ladyfriend [The Grumpiest]

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