The Afternoon Dump: Koala Sex, Seven Surprises Of The NBA, Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums, Chicks Who Conquered, Gorgeous Arizona State Girls, Hot Bar Raefeli, Maliah Michel Likes The Texans, & Tamara Witmer Is Attractive



Hey J Koot, me and Natali Thanou are going on a date..jealous?

Guess I know how to pick them, Iowa won. A good game.

Purdue won again last night against Minnesota. We shot over 70% in the second half. We were looking good.

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Afternoon Dump

Andy Roddick attracts Koala’s [With Leather]
6 things learned from the Fiesta Bowl [The Sports Girl Report]
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Top 25 hip-hop albums of the decade [Gunaxin]
Landon Donovan is a wetback [Anyguey]
Man’s car gets stolen twice [Asylum]
Chicks who conquered 2009 [MeandIsis]
The girls from Arizona State are gorgeous [BroBible]
Bar Raefeli never stops taking pictures, fine by me [MoonDog Sports]
Maliah Michel likes the Texans [Reel Pretty]
Jennifer Hawkins gets nude (could be NSFW) [Hollywood Tuna]
Tamara Witmer is very attractive [Big Smudge]

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