Nightcapper: …And Now For The Boise State Old Mom Hot Dong Trick


Busted Coverage reader Ryan sent an email into the hopper this afternoon asking if the following photos from the Fiesta Bowl tailgating had crossed our desk.

There’s a video of a hot dog eating contest which has a really attractive blonde girl from TCU participating.  There is also a video titled “Hot Broncos” featuring a few Boise coeds signing Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”, which was also really enjoyable to watch.

Being the investigative bloggers we are, and figuring attractive/ TCU in the same sentence was strange, a visit to the link was in order. The blonde never materialized unless we somehow overlooked her beauty.

What we did discover was a Boise State mom showing off her hot dog form for the cameras. Name another site that brings you such filth and nonsense. We win!

Have more images of Boise State or TCU women working over hot dogs at the Fiesta Bowl?

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