A Shirtless Greg McElroy For The Ladies, Alabama Message Boards & OutSports.com Crowd

Who’s blurred? McElroy’s sister. Unless you’re in high school she’s WAY too young.

Busted Coverage‘s bowl coverage has been about as weak as the actual bowl season.
Had enough MAC vs. the Sun Belt? No? That’s right, tonight you get another stupid bowl shoved down your throats by ESPN’s suit goons who need to fill TV time while they give you halftime shows of Lou Holtz spitting on himself. WANT MORE MIKE LEACH? [email protected], YEAH! A DOUBLE DOSE PLEASE!
Anyway, our coverage, unlike ESPN’s, gets turned up a notch this morning after BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich worked over his photo sources for a few shirtless images of your BCS Champion Championship QB Greg McElroy who’ll be facing off with the equally stunning (according to our gay photo editor) Colt McCoy.
We also figured this would be a great way to increase our unique visitors by going after the gay community. OutSports.com will need a Vitamin Water and a bratwurst for lunch after these lusty photos.

Big Gay Rich was super excited for us to post the water shots.

You assholes always post photos of some random model frolicking in the ocean. How about a hot male athlete showing his talents? I mean, YUM! I’ll be his board and Greg can ride me.

Yeah, this is the kind of emails we have to deal with on a daily basis. It sickens us but the pageviews go crazy so it is allowed by Busted Coverage editors.
BC is more impressed at how McElroy can combine abs, great sunglasses and the hair. Very impressive. Very Joe Namath-esque if you compare the board shorts between the two Alabama QBs. (Quickly, it’s been 46 years since Namath won a national title at Alabama.)
Rich finished off his McElroy email with the image below.

I know I went a little overboard with my earlier comments. It’s just that I want to squeeze this guy and just hug him. Tebow is history. Can’t wait to see Greg Mc’s butt in that cute ‘Bama jersey. It’s really the only reason I watch these stupid football games.

There you have it. More words that ever from Rich. Surely Greg will appreciate the kind admiration.

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