Hayden Panettiere In A Bikini (Photos) With Wladimir Klitschko On Lounge Chairs


Hayden Panettiere spent her New Year’s in Miami with possibly the ugliest boxer to ever win a boxing title belt.

Not that we’d say that to Wladimir Klitschko‘s face.

Anyway, the Heroes star and her boxing boyfriend (it’s safe to say this considering he’s sharing a pool lounge chair and running his finger through her hair) spent some time together like any couple in the early stages.

He sat there acting like he was interested in what she had to say. She sat there thinking he was interested in what she was saying.

He’s 33. Hayden is 20. We’ll give them 4-6 months. Tops. Then there will be a PR which says something about “the two remain friends but busy work schedules make a relationship nearly impossible at this time.”

[Pacific Coast News]

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