Daily Dump: Rihanna Parading Matt Kemp Around Town, Carrie Milbank At Winter Classic, Shep Smith Prowling Sidelines, Pat White's KO To Head, Kathy Griffin F-Bomb/Again And Michelle Hunziker's Legs On TV Show


Julia prefers to eat her cake and play in it, too.

In football news:
It’s probably a good thing the Bengals let the Jets get their offensive spooge-splosion out of the way in Week 17. Rematch next week, boys. The Bungwads would hate to give you the offensive playbook 6 days before strapping it on again.

Also, if the Colts were 15-0 going to Buffalo where there was 3 inches of snow on the field, would Indy fan want Peyton Manning running around on a powdery field to preserve a perfect season. (See: Wes Welker.)
BC went to see Avatar in 3D over the weekend. Besides the cool effects and wicked animation, we could have done without the douchebag lines written for the tough guy general. We went from a fan to indifferent once the bombs started hitting the treehouse.
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Today’s Dump:
…we get started with news of Rihanna and her new boy toy Matt Kemp [The YBF]
Yep, a hot chick attended the Winter Classic – Carrie Milbank!! [Gunaxin]
A new piece of ass working college football sidelines – Shep Smith [Larry Brown Sports]
Allen Iverson makes good impression on Philly fans, wears Cowboys cap to game [700 Level]
In case you missed Pat White losing at least 8-10 years of his life with this hit…[The Angry T]
Simply [email protected]! Mike Leach fans destroy school at Alamo Bowl, soap TV SUV [Dr. Saturday]
Bama mom gives her kids new tats as BCS game approaches [Friends of the Program]
Blogger actually tries to break down Ladies of Marquette University [BroBible]
David Lee’s very gay reaction to Nate Robinson’s awesome return to court [TiricoSuave]
In case you missed it, Kathy Griffin dropped another f-bomb on New Year’s Eve [PopCrunch]
Michelle Hunziker goes on TV show and wears this ridiculous dress [HQ-Celebrity]
Fernanda Lima seems to be doing crunches in a forest [Guyism]
Abbey Brooks crossed our desk over the New Year’s break – you’ll want to see her [Big Smudge]
Get your 2010 work schedule under way with Hot Chicks Sporting Wedgies [CavemanCircus]
25 Chicks Who Have Two Ways Out Of Speeding Tickets [Manofest]
With a name like Bruna Hort you know she’s either going to be hot or making you pizza [Don Chavez]
…and finally, what an airport screener finds when scanning 250 lb. vs. 120 lb. woman [YepYep]

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