New Year's Day Dump: 2010 Winter Classic Won't Be Fighty, Winter Classic Weather Report, NBA Gun Play, New Year's Hottest Birthday Chicks And Tiger's Piece Of Ass Speaks About Photos

As expected, there are hot ladies who were born on New Year’s Day, including Julie Henderson.

No time to bullshit. Gotta get this show on the road after a long night of drinking and watching that cool ball drop.
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Today’s Dump:
…we get started with news that there probably won’t be a fight in Winter Classic [Puck Daddy]
The weather should be perfect for Classic – 20s and no precip [CSN]
Arenas vs. Crittenton in gambling debt gun showdown [NY Post]
One of Tiger’s pieces of ass says she DOES NOT have naked pics of Cheetah [Sports Radio Interviews]
Which leads us to the casting of the Tiger Woods’ movie that has to be in the works [Brinson/FanHouse]
LSU Purple Man sporting some serious cameltoe at Capital One Bowl [Sparty&Friends]
Sad: no alcohol sales for Jets final game at Giants Stadium [Deadspin]

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