From The Couch: BC Reader Buys Us Rose Bowl Betting Slip

oregon -4.5

The other day during an email exchange with a loyal BC reader out of Nevada we made the comment that Oregon is going to drop the hammer on Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Then the above photo shows up in our inbox this morning. (Yeah, it’s only $25. It’s a tough economy.)

“Ok f@cker. Serious business now,” writes Trevor.

Ohio State fan has no idea how bad Oregon wants to crush the Buckeyes. This is the game UO has dreamt of for years. We’ve traveled into Eugene for games over the years and there is one team nationally that causes Ducks fan to become agitated.

Ohio State. Trust us, Oregon will be the team with way more energy in this one.

The Buckeyes have two wide receivers. This one could get ugly if Oregon gets on top early.

Have an image or gambling slip you want to buy for us? Send it in.