U. Of Cincinnati Trademark Police Don’t Like Down Syndrome Fundraisers?



Look, punk, you just cost the University of Cincinnati millions in red towel sales.

That’s right kiddies. No more money for the Down Syndrome Association via those outdated “Committed To Kelly” towels via BearcatTailgater.com that were being sold this fall.

Brian is off to Notre Dame and the University of Cincinnati isn’t exactly home to soft spots for illegal fundraisers using the above words that they claim infringes on their trademark.

A report this morning out of the ‘Nati says the school is going all “Florida Protecting Tebow From Minor League Baseball Promotions,” on Bearcat fans and those who want to cash in on the color red and the word Cincy.


Illegal? It’s still for sale.

UC says that towel could cost the school millions. A letter was sent out and kids suffering from Down Syndrome are punished by Cincy’s douchey reaction.

Products targeted included Mardy Gras T-shirts (referencing wide receiver Mardy Gilyard), Cincy Committed to Kelly rally towels (which raised money for the Down Syndrome Association and the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex, both supported by former football coach Brian Kelly) and T-shirts in white, red and black made by bars to promote the university’s games.

A quick search for the aforementioned Mardy Gras shirt turns up something on Zazzle.com where some dude let his kid or his drunken buddy pick out a font and put those words on a shirt.



Yeah, ground-breaking stuff.

UC says such pieces of clothing could confuse customers on what is an official piece of Cincy clothing and what is the brainchild of a drunken frat boy.

Come January, Ludwig expects to join other universities experiencing trademark infringement to file lawsuits against several national sellers that refuse to stop sales. Using case law, UC argues that its trademark rights extend to any product that connects in some way to the university, even if it doesn’t carry the explicit C paw logo or university name.

There you have it, people. No more CafePress shirts. No more plain white shirts at Penn State. No more University of Miami shirts with a U. on it.

Sometimes we just really love and are so proud of this great country. Sometimes.

[UC cracks down on bogus gear]


Drinking water out of this bottle could lead to a lawsuit.

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