Daily Dump: A Book Titled Assholeology, World’s Top Beer Pong Teams, Jay Cuntler’s Middle Finger, A Chimp Fondling A Statue, Celebrities Who’ll Die in 2010 And Coco’s Ass Hits The Beach



Is it even a debate? Who is the Hottest Chick of 2009?

The Big Ten is officially in the win column for 2009-2010 bowl season. Wisky gets a defensive win over Miami and guarantees the slow, white boy teams from the North won’t be shutout this year.

In other football news, Mike Leach is about to get a 400k per year buyout this morning after Texas Tech washes its hands of the pirate. ARRRGGHHHH!

Yep, why keep a football coach that could ultimately lead to a massive lawsuit when it’ll only cost you a million or so to get rid of him. Leach to the NFL? Could happen.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the book for your boss/parent/neighbor…Assholeology [The Bachelor Guy]

Eagles cheerleader talks football, weather and concussions [Esquire]

Seriously, someone took the time to rank the World’s Top 20 Beer Pong Teams [BPong]

Little bitch Jay Cutler has a middle finger message for Bears fan [Guyism]

Great question that we raised…What if it rains on 2010 Winter Classic? [CSN Philly]

Jason Bay’s daughter can’t stand to look at the NY media at press conference [Big League Screw]

Tail of the Tape: Bigger Sleaze-bag…Arod vs. Tiger [Rumors and Rants]

What’s going on with Japanese TV? A chimp fondling a statue’s nuts [Warming Glow]

Awesome! Songs of 2009 Remixed [Heavy]

Celebrities Who’ll Die In 2010 – A Prediction [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

7 Supermodels Whose Acting Is Horrible, But Men Still Watch Anyway [ScreenJunkies]

Our day is complete – Megan Fox released these photos [Popoholic]

HOLY SH!T!@! Coco’s giant ass in a bikini, invading some poor beach [Don Chavez]

Jaime Lynn Sigler. Bikini. Ugly friend. Water. Beach. Boner material. [HQ Celebrity]

Lily Allen doing her thing minus a top, which in English means naked boobie [CelebSlam]

Eva Mendes showing cleav for Russian issue of Elle [Celebridiot]

Michelle, yet another hot chick with Christmas themed photos [Plunder Guide]

Must-see moments from Pole Dancing Championships! [Uncoached]

…and finally, 32 Awesome DVR Freeze Frame Faces [Manofest]

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