2010 Winter Classic (Photos) Ice Rink In Middle Of Fenway Park


(Click photo to see the super-huge-awesome image of Fenway.)

Um, if you need proof that the 2010 NHL Winter Classic is important to hockey fans, just look at ticket prices at StubHub.

The cheapest ticket at this very second is $268/ticket and will get you a seat piece of concrete in Standing Room Only.

There has been chatter that maybe the Winter Classic is losing steam in the realm of sports importance. That is crap – or possibly very true if NBC doesn’t step up.


College football has decided to abandon playing on New Year’s Day (only five games), opening up television spots for events such as the Winter Classic to appease people who are bored by Northwestern vs. Auburn.

Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski argues that NBC isn’t exactly selling hockey in Boston as it should, which could lead to football heads forgetting the novelty is even on the tube.

(Mike) Milbury didn’t help things last night, either. He had three minutes to pimp the game at the top of the football broadcast to a massive audience; he managed to ooze Red sox affection and name-check Carl Yastrzemski without mentioning anything about the teams actually playing in the Winter Classic beyond something like “they need the points.”

Huzzah! Sound the trumpets! They need the points! Be still, our beating hearts …


Like last year, BC will spend a few hours paying attention to hockey until late Spring when the playoffs get interesting.

All we ask for is Jim Cantore with an NBC logo painted on his bald head. Or a giant peacock on Al Roker’s ass. It’s your call NBC.

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