The Craziest Tailgating Beer Bong Ever! The Black Dummy Dong Bong!!


Looks like a party foul to us. Once again, the black guy is too much for Bills fan.

It’s rare for Busted Coverage to be speechless, but leave it to Buffalo Bills fan to make it happen.

Now we’ve seen it all when it comes to NFL tailgating or any tailgating novelty item. What you are looking at is a guy bonging a beer from a black tube coming out of a black dummy with Santa pouring a beer into a funnel which wraps its way through the black dummy.

Ladies, who’s next?


Posted: Dec. 22, 2009

Premise of Video: You are looking at the newest wave of beer bong manufacturing. Just a plain beer bong won’t work in 2010. You’ll need to get a dummy from Dick’s Sporting Goods and create your very own Dong Bong. Looks like Bills fan enjoys it.

Climax of Video: White Bills guy wraps his hand around the hose. Looks like a pro, according to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

Conclusion: Um, this video is going to be an Internet sensation.