From The Couch: NFL Christmas Gift To U.S. Soldiers? Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader O-Faces

PFC Rodriguez told Jenny that weapon cleaning would commence in 0200 hours in his bunk.

Yep, we had a wonderfully average, drunken Christmas break.

The key is to let a winter ale from Trader Joe’s age for two years. The ale starts off as a 9% badass brew and after the aging process it becomes a double-digit % alc. drunk-fest. It’s also fun to attend a Christmas party where the 80+ crowd is spiking their egg nog with Crown Royal. That’s just how the family rolls.

But, let’s get back to the premise of this post. There were numerous U.S. soldiers around the world who didn’t get to enjoy drinking with their families. Most were in shitty locales where Christmas cheer meant swinging the already sticky pages of an April ’09 Maxim, a secret Playboy stash or hammering it to Intenet porn.

And then there were the lucky guys at Camp Casey in Korea who were allowed within touching distance of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders as part of a Christmas Day celebration. Jerry Jones might be a complete asshole but he sure knows what our boys want for Christmas. Bare legs and a smiling face.

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