Daily Dump: Ana Ivanovic & Seals, Alabama BCS Premature Shirt-Jaculation, John Kruk In Bad Santa 2, Andy Reid Ass Slap Action, Debora In A Bikini And Michelle Williams Hits Beach



An after Christmas vacation pick-me-up….Candice Swanepoel doing some posing.

Enjoy your return to work for a short week from hell. You’ll have to hear about little Johnny getting a Snuggie or Lucy going nuts for a Zhu Zhu pet or whatever the f@ck these little brats opened on Christmas morning.

We get back into action after plenty of highway driving. It’s f@cking bowl week and Busted Coverage is, well, excited. The editors are also working on something special for you guys. Even a clue would give away the goods. Stay tuned for what we hope will be yet another BC exclusive.

Also, we can’t forget to mention Urban Meyer. Go away, drama queen. Either you’re hanging it up or not. Urban and TebowPhilippines helping kids – or something. deserve a vacation in the



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Ana Ivanovic spending her off season kissing seals [Examiner]

Alabama retail stores preparing for inevitable – BCS winning Bama gear for sale! [Friends of the Program]

Bad Santa 2….featuring only logical replacement for Billy Bob….John Kruk [The 700 Level]

Is this considered bribing a ref? Andy Reid gives ref some ass slapping before review [Larry Brown Sports]

Saints owner Tom Benson is  pumped for home field advantage (photos) [Shutdown Corner]

In case you missed the greatest screen cap of the bowl season – Wyoming [TV Tan Line]

In case you were in a coma during Christmas…ladies of the Zoo celebrate (NSFW) [BoobieBlog]

This is what you get when mixing Iranian blood and Native American! [Coed]

How about a stop in Portugal to visit with Debora in a bikini [Guyism]

Jessica Simpson ready to pump out little Billy Corgan’s? [CelebSlam]

Michelle Williams has been in Hawaii doing things in a bikini [HQ-Celebrity]

30 Sexy Photobombs! [Manofest]

15 Sexy Photos To Get Your Ass Ready For Returning To College [Uncoached]

…and finally, the German TV video you have to see…NOW!! [Regretful Morning]

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