The Afternoon Dump: Severe NCAA Injury, Offensive Line Needs More Credit, 5 Memorable College Football Breakups, Don’t Feed Your Kid, Hook Up At An Airport, Drunk Christmas Party Girl, Wind vs. Skirts, & Sharing A Room With Amanda Rose



I am mesmerized by Suelyn Medeiros.

Not feeling to good today. Sorry for the lateness of the dump.

Purdue won last night, no surprise there.

I won’t be posting until Monday. So I hope everyone has a good Holiday weekend no matter which one you celebrate.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

One really severe basketball injury [Guyism]
Jon Gruden won’t be coaching for the Redskins next year [The Sporting Blog]
The offensive line needs more credit [Bleacher Report]
5 most memorable college football coach breakups [Asylum]
When you score a girl, don’t do this [uncoached]
Do not feed your kid if… [The Chive]
Where to hook up in an airport [Holy Taco]
Festivus, the Holiday for the rest of us [Gunaxin]
Should a girl take you back if you cheat on her? [Muff Slap]
Drunk Christmas Party girls of 2009,a must see [Coed]
Wind vs. Skirts, looks like the wind wins [Chuggin Monkeys]
I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with Amanda Rose [Double Viking]
Sienna Miller likes to go to the beach [Reel Pretty]
Gianne Albertoni will get you through the day [DJ Mick]
Alessandra Ambrosio Facebook pictures [Beat By The Nudge]

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