Cuff ‘Em: Basketball Coach Sara Strahm (Photos) Arrested For Teen Seduction



There are naughty teacher/coaches and then there is Indiana high school basketball coach Sara Strahm (special ed. teacher) who is accused of seducing one of her students.

A 17-year-old female.

Police say the seduction began in the fall and won’t go into details whether the student is one of Strahm’s basketball players at Pike High School.

Metro detectives say during their interview with Strahm last Friday she confirmed the coach-student relationship.

Officers arrested her on one count of felony child seduction and have not ruled out more victims “not only at this school but at any other school where she may have had contact with other players,” said (a police representative).

Of course we have been scouring our sources for Facebook accounts, MySpace pages, etc.

On our unofficial “Hottest Teacher/Coaches To Be Arrested Rankings” list, Strahm is a rising star.


The Strahm FB account has been deleted. Ahh, but there is a thing called Google cache.

Police are now looking at Strahm’s past coaching stints at other Indiana high schools for possible inappropriate contact before this incident.

Strahm wouldn’t have had any issues if she wasn’t a teacher. Age of consent in Indiana is 16.

[Pike HS coach faces felony child seduction charge]



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