Daily Dump: Philly Pissed Off Santa Throwing Snowballs, Tiger Woods Christmas Card, Vanilla Ice In An NBA Arena, 19,000 Free Pizzas At Louisville, Japanese J-Cup And Cameron Diaz Side Boob


Our gift to you this week: Tracy McGregor tricep bra action.

We gave up when it was a 32-point margin for the Giants last night in D.C.

Can someone just quietly walk up to Jim Zorn and tell him to go find a D-III college to who’ll hire his clueless ass? We’d be dicking around with something here at the HQ and look up only to see Campbell on his back. Yes, he’s an incompetent QB but his offensive line should nut up and share 10% of his suckiness blame.

Don’t forget there is a very good bowl game tonight in Vegas. BYU-Oregon State. We’ll have to look back in history but this could be the all-time greatest pre-Christmas bowl of the decade. In fact, that might be a blog post headline. Stay tuned.



Today’s Dump:

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