Pick Six: Stare At Hillary Fisher’s Butt Snowflakes And Take Fresno State, Rutgers & 49ers



You have no idea how many “Check Out My Gambling Picks” emails get through our email spam filter. Some retard in Muncie, Indiana thinks he’s the next Jimmy “The Greek” and blasts us with ‘can’t misses.’

While we appreciate the enthusiasm of these gambling gurus, the links never include poon. Enter Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor’s series – Pick Six.

They say two snowflakes aren’t ever made alike unless they are a pair of matching earrings. Do they even sell un-matching earrings? If they do, you can count me in amongst the people who won’t be purchasing a pair. Would they be called a “pair” in that case? So few questions, so much time on my hands. I do seem to remember Madonna sporting some back in 1980s.

Back in that same decade my dad hated things like a “tail” in a dude’s hair and earrings on a dude’s ear and I still hold true to those beliefs so I never bought earrings for myself. Once for a girl. He still hates those things. I can see his point. I’d reckon 83 percent of the guys in my neighborhood who rocked a tail never graduated college and the other 17 percent are gay.

I’m not sure if the snowflakes on Hillary Fisher‘s butt cheeks are exactly similar but I mean, I guess I’d check them out if so called upon, I guess. Look, I don’t sign up for stuff like that but if people want to know, well, who am I to stop the curiousity? And yeah, I’d give them a look see. Not for any personal glory or whatever, but to look out for the best interests of people.

One thing that’s been remarkable consistently this season with “Pick 6” has been my 3-3 or 2-4 record each week. To the surprise of no one, I finished last week at 3-3. This week I’m going four NFL games and a pair of bowl games.

I feel really good about the four NFL picks. This is the time in the season to step up. Week 15 is a predictable week. It’s not ’til 16 or 17 that they start getting crazy. The same could be said about girls not that I know anything about that.

No comments this week with the picks. I’m going to let them stand by themselves. They should. They’ve been freaking terrible this year.

LAST WEEK: 3-3 OVERALL: 41-54-1

Fresno State +11.5 over Wyoming in New Mexico Bowl (Sat., 4:30 p.m., ESPN)

Rutgers -2.5 over Central Florida in St. Petersburg’s Bowl presented by Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Sat., 8 p.m., ESPN)

KANSAS CITY -2 over Cleveland (Sun., 1 p.m., CBS)

San Francisco +7.5 over PHILADELPHIA (Sun., 1 p.m., FOX)

PITTSBURGH -2 over Green Bay (Sun., 4:15 p.m., FOX)








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