The Insanely Fat Kansas City Chiefs Fan With A KC Logo Stomach Tat



There are insane NFL fans and then there is the Indianapolis Colts guy who actually tattooed 31 player/coach signatures onto his body.

That is fandome.

We’d like to introduce you to the other side of the spectrum: “The Fat K.C. Chiefs Fan Who Thought It Would Be Wise To Get KC Inked On His Giant Belly.”

You know the guy without even watching the video on which we found him being a super fan of a team that has continuously sucked for 5-7 years now. TatGuy won’t back down from some trash talk and he sure as hell doesn’t mind ripping off his shirt to impress the ladies.

tat-guy-heisman pose

There you go, ladies. Don’t ever claim BC isn’t looking out for you.

Watch the video below and you’ll see that after getting into a pissing match with Chargers fan, TatGuy will rip off the jersey and be told by S.D. cops to cover his man cans.

It’s amusing, really. The cops actually say over the car external speaker “Put a shirt on.”

And if you are a lady who wants to see blubber bounce in slo-mo, the video below is your cup of tea. You’ll get TatGuy’s sexiness boucing to U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

It’s enough to bring tears to our eyes.


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