Daily Dump: NBA Dancer Christmas Costumes, Boobs And Bowl Game Trends, Miami Dolphins Ladies Tongue Swabbing, Kevin Durant’s Shoes, Tiger Woods-Jessica Simpson, 25 American Pie Chicks And Lara Bingle Looking Slightly Sexy

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Adriana Lima still exists, makes a commercial.

How funny!

So a bunch of bloggers who must have the latest news on their site before anyone else, went nuts when a fake (but seemed real) Twitter account for a Dallas Morning News reporter said Chris Henry was dead.

BOOM! Instantly the dweebs that need to have the news on their site NOW were hoaxed. Good work boys.

Henry is on life support and a bunch of morons are backtracking and offering apologies. How about waiting until a legitimate news outlet puts their name on such a story. Trusting Twitter is about as stupid as trusting Busted Coverage for breaking news.



Today’s Dump:

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Homicide detectives investigating Chris Henry accident scene? [ProFootballTalk]

Kevin Durant’s new Nike shoes are very, very……ORANGE! [BroBible]

Seriously? Tiger’s Vegas mistress was/is a Vegas stripper? Amazing! [Radar Online]


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Today’s Tail:

Susan Sarandon’s daughter naked yet again on Californication (NSFW/Ads) [BoobieBlog]

Finally a year end list we care about – Most Oogled Women Of Playboy 2009 [Coed]

25 Pics. 25 American Pie Chicks. [Holy Taco]

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Lara Bingle soaking wet and look way too hot [Don Chavez]

Lady Gaga not looking ridiculous and actually hot for Elle [Guyism]

Vanessa Hudgens birthday legs for your Thursday morning [HQ-Celebrity]

While we’re at it…Doutzen Kroes does a  photoshoot, we link to it [Popoholic]

We forgot just how friggin hot Krystal Forscutt, her fake rack is [MenTag]

The ladies who became famous because they are Hump Day Hotties [Funtasticus]

Dana Hamm’s implants would make an implant doctor blush [BigSmudge]

…and finally, easily the craziest mugshot of 2009 [YepYep]