Justin Short (Photos) Is The Missouri Cheerleader Who Had His Nose Broken By Female Ballers

Short, middle, with his buddies at some Halloween party.

By now you are aware of the story of the University of Missouri female basketball players who were arrested for assault on a male Mizzou cheerleader after a house party got out of control and (allegedly) punchy.

It is our duty at Busted Coverage to introduce you to the male cheerleader, Justin Short.

Readers want to know, “What does a guy who has his ass kicked (allegedly) by basketball chicks look like?”

Of course we can show you. Justin seems to be your All-American guy with great hair, maybe a little too much fake tanning, but still a cheerleader who would look outstanding next to your daughter.

According to local authorities and media reports, charges have not yet been filed against Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson, who admit to punching and pushing Short, who they say was in an altercation with his girlfriend.

Kurt Hanneman, the father of Amanda Hanneman, said he had heard that Short had decided to not pursue charges against the players, but he did not say who gave him that information. (Hanneman’s attorney Andrew Popplewell) said he did not know if Short had dropped charges.

Meanwhile, Hanneman’s Twitter account has gone into protected status. Jessra Johnson’s has been protected since at least yesterday morning and Short had a very short message on Facebook.

Come Walk In My Shoes And See The Way Im Living If You Really Want to, Im Not Going Away, So Keep On Getting Your Paper, Keep On Climbing, Look In The Mirror And Keep On Shinning!!!! Thanks For Everyones Support!!

Look, the guy will ultimately fail to press charges and deal with his broken nose and the guilt that he had his ass kicked by ladies he’ll be cheering for whether it’s on the sidelines or in the stands.

We just hope Short never stops taking vee-jay-jay munching photos. They are awesome and give us a way to put a nose with the name. Thanks, J Short.

[No charges yet in arrest of Missouri women’s basketball players]

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