One Of Brandon Marshall’s Record-Setting Balls Makes Kristy Seidenstricker Cry


Posted: Dec. 13, 2009

Premise of Video: Brandon Marshall was in the process of ripping the Colts defense for an NFL record 21 receptions. After a 5-yard TD catch, Marshall knew just who to give the ball to – Kristy Seidenstricker. She was wearing an orange Marshall jersey in the middle of all Colts blue. Then it happened. Water works.

Climax of Video: Marshall points to the woman and then throws the ball into the stands. In Green Bay it would have caused a riot. In Oakland there would be guns pulled. In New Jersey there would be a brawl and massive lawsuit. In Indy, the guy catches the ball, gently hands it to Kristy and gives her a hug, leading the Denver Post to write a huge love letter on the situation.

Conclusion: Some days Brandon just isn’t the asshole ESPN wants you to believe.

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