Missouri Basketball Players Amanda Hanneman & Jessra Johnson Allegedly Break Cheerleader’s Nose



Jessra Johnson (right) playing tough but not exactly breaking CU chick’s nose.

The year of female college athletes kicking ass – literally – continues. First came Elizabeth Lambert getting dirty on the field.

Now this.

Over the weekend, the big news out of the University of Missouri was the suspesion of two female member of the Mizzou basketball team who went out partying after an ass kicking of Texas Pan-American. That’s when the real ass kicking began, according to authorities.

One thing led to another and by the end of the Thursday night/Friday morning the team’s leading scorers, Amanda Hanneman & Jessra Johnson, were on the run. And a (male!) cheerleader’s face had been rearranged.


The Columbia Tribune has the fight details:

(Authorities) said the altercation began around 2 a.m. when one of the apartment’s tenants complained the gathering was too loud. The complainant, a senior at Missouri, was left with a broken nose and an eye injury.

Moriarity called it a “dynamic disturbance,” with at least eight people “trying to break it up, different people trying to get involved.” He said Hanneman and Johnson left the apartment after the dispute but the victim and witnesses gave the police a description of the two players. Their vehicle was pulled over nearby.

We’ve been following Hanneman’s Twitter account for the last 30 minutes and it seems there is very little reaction to being kicked off the team at least until the courts handle the third-degree assault charges.

The Missouri basketball coach, however, is talking.

At a regular post-game press conference Sunday, Cindy Stein apologized to the community, the athletic administration and the “whole Mizzou nation.”

Stein confirmed the girls’ suspensions were indefinite. She said more information would be made available “at an appropriate time.”

Look, we’re all for our women having a little spice in their step but (if true) this is crazy. A woman capable of breaking a guy’s nose playing college basketball?

Sorry, not our cup of tea.

Give us a member of the swim team with great academic standards and the ability to swim the English Channel any day of the week. We’d rather steer clear of three-point shooting women who’ll get in our pansy ass faces and threaten to kick our asses.

Have photos of the party where the broken nose occurred? Know who the male cheerleader is? Email us.


[Johnson, Hanneman suspended]

[Hanneman3– Twitter]


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