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From The Couch: A Loss In 3D Still Is A Loss For Dallas Cowboys


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“Wade….Wade…..here in the corner, question from BustedCoverage.com……”

“Where were your 3D glasses? We figured you’d want to see your team suck penis during the month of December instead of the normal way with the eyes God gave you.”

Anyone else already sick of watching football from whatever the hell they call that place? First we were force-fed college football every friggin weekend from that place and now comes 3D football with a bunch of Texan retards looking like even bigger retards with 3D glasses on.

Yeah, the place was expensive. Yeah, it’s futuristic. Now, go suck it because nobody outside of your stupid fan base gives two shits about football in 3D. Give us a high-definition TV and those first down markers not going through some ref’s head and we’re cool.

Have a stupid image of stupid sport fans being retards? Mail it in.


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