Winter 2009 UCLA Undie Run Was Cold, Handcuff-y, Illegal

The video above shows UCLA students going against the wishes of school officials and taking part in last night’s 2009 Winter Undie Run.


The Daily Bruin reports that a much smaller crowd took part overnight in a run that drew the attention of authorities who did have to cuff a few runners.

Though some students were taken into police custody, no violence occurred. University police have not yet confirmed the final number in attendance or potential damages caused. The administration could not be reached for comment.

“It was peaceful,” said Addison Huddy, the Undergraduate Students Association Council general representative. Huddy witnessed the route fully clothed. He said he thought it was promising that few non-Bruins attended the run and students behaved themselves.

Wait, so the city of L.A. is worried about a little damage that might be done by students paying huge sums of money to attend UCLA while the Jackson’s get to hold a huge parade for a dead guy, which cost millions.

BC in no way is condoning destroying property, but it doesn’t seem students in panties and boxers could cost the city nearly as much as Tito and Jermaine did to cry over their bleached brother.  Yeah, let’s see those overtime sheets from police and compare it to keeping some International Law dweeb under control.

If some chick starts getting nuts and has on panties, we expect the LAPD to slap cuffs on her, snap photos for future reference and promptly send them to us or TMZ. We can all benefit from such instances.

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