The Afternoon Dump: Top NFL Games, Belichick Doesn’t Like Tardiness, Actor Enforcer, World’s Ugliest Animals, The Hood Thong, Hot Teachers Are Too Busy, Adore Laura Dore, & Ali Larter Likes Whip Cream



I’d always go to class if Joslyn was my teacher.

Purdue plays tonight against Valpo. Thats my highlight of the night. No more stress this week since today is over.

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Afternoon Dump

Top 10 NFL games of the 2000’s [SI]
Belichick sends his players home because they were late [Sportress of Blogitude]
Get your opponent back, stomp in his face [Unathletic]
Ireland is back in the World Cup [Sports Crackle Pop]
Andy Reid will stay with the Eagles [FanHouse]
The actor enforcer [Buge Hoobs]
Silly Holiday gift ideas for your best friend, haha [Yep Yep]
Beer…made from space barley? interesting… [MoonDog Sports]
World’s ugliest animals [EgoTV]
The hood thong [Tasty Booze]
Two hot teachers rather do each other than teach [Guyism]
No reason everyone wouldn’t adore Laura Dore [Reel Pretty]
I like this angle of Rianne Ten Haken [MenTag]
Ali Larter likes whip cream [Spewf]

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