Lacey Pearl Earps Is A Tennessee Hostess Who Recruits Champions Like David Oku



Following up on our story this morning, we find out that Lacey Pearl Earps is one of the Tennessee Hostesses® who use SEC quality tail to bring in the recruits who like a nice southern woman on his arm during a recruiting visit.

And she has a MySpace page that is wide open for the world to see, sans access to the photo pages.

She is even so proud of her abilities that she titled one folder “I recruit champions…you can thank me later.”

Efforting. A highly urgent message to Art McGregor was sent out this morning with specific orders to get his ass in gear before she goes deep-six on the entire site.


We also know that Ms. Earps had some part in showing stud high school running back David Oku around campus last year because Google cache shows messages between Oku and Earps. (Above)

Oku, you might remember, is the now Tennessee RB who suddenly moved to Nebraska last year after falling in love with a University of Nebraska chick who might have or not been pregnant. Still efforting that angle.

So Earps is a legend it seems amongst UT recruits.

She’s had contact with Chaz Green (OL stud out of Tampa) who it seems is in the top photo on a recruiting visit.



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