Joe Beimel Superfan Troy Sexton Gets 6 Months In Jail For Beating Kids

We see, via our pageviews this morning, that there are incoming visitors from West Virginia where Joe Beimel Superfan Troy Sexton (and YouTube legend) has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for beating his boys during an August football practice.

Sexton told Busted Coverage just days after the arrest that he “goofed up big time.”

Troy pleaded no contest to domestic battery charges on Friday.

But the really funny part of this story is that Sexton still has access to his children and has even uploaded a YouTube video of his kids up to no good and playing in the street.

From the Charleston Gazette:

On the first count, Putnam County Magistrate Kim M. Blair sentenced Sexton to six months in the Western Regional Jail, in addition to a $100 fine and $159 for court costs.

On the second count, Blair suspended a one-year sentence and levied two years’ unsupervised probation to be served consecutively, in addition to an additional $100 fine and $159 court costs.

He’s appealing the sentence and as you can see from the video above posted a month ago, has no problem with his kids acting like idiots by placing “something” in the path of drivers.

The 4:55 mark is a good place to see a car having to slow down before running over the shit in the road.

What a dad!

[Putnam man gets 6 months for abusing sons at football practice]

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